DM Safety Grooving

Concrete Grooving


  We do centerline slot cutting for alley scrapers, too! Call today for details.


PROTECT your Dairy Cattle & Livestock FROM SLIPPERY Concrete Floors! DM Co. has the Solution!

“Why should I Diamond Groove my slippery concrete floor?”

  • Allows for dry and healthy hooves
  • Easy to clean, grooves act like tile drainage to direct dirt away from the floor leaving a more healthy environment.
  • A great solution for lameness prevention, provides traction for your livestock. Resulting in a dramatic decrease in animal injuries, hence, an increase in milk production.
  • Cows are more confident to show heat.
  • Longest lasting solution on the market.
  • Grooves are sawed into new or existing concrete with a diamond saw blade, leaving a flat bottom surface with clean right angles providing the best traction year over year.

Features & Benefits

Diamond grooving is safer and easier.
Easily reap the benefits of Diamond Grooving!
The process is dust free, no stones or chips to damage hooves, and requires minimal prep.
Diamond grooving is scientifically designed
A Safer Footing Surface
Diamond sawed grooving is engineer designed, time tested and proven to create a safer footing surface for hooves.
Diamond grooving highly recommended.
Holding Areas
Diamond pattern grooves are highly recommended for holding areas.
Diamond grooving reduces slipping
Reduced Slipping
Research shows that grooving in alleyways and walkways will dramatically reduce slipping.
Diamond sawed grooves in your existing or new floor.
New or Existing Floors
Diamond Sawed Grooves can be cut into either existing or new concrete floors using our full segmented blades which ensures there are no chips or concrete slivers.
Diamond sawed grooves in your precast slatted floor
Precast Slatted Floors
Diamond Sawed Grooves in precast slatted floors also ensures a safer footing.


“Where can Diamond sawed concrete safety grooving be most effective?”

  • Dairy Barns
  • Loafing Sheds
  • Wash Pens
  • Stalls
  • Parlors
  • Free Stalls
  • Holding Areas
  • Return Alleys
  • Feed Lots
  • Walkways
  • Loading Areas
  • Scales Areas

Grooving Sizes and Patterns

Grooving Sizes:

Grooving Patterns:

Diamond Pattern

Diamond Pattern refers to long way grooves, crossed in a "chevron" pattern in the direction of manure flow.

Perfect Diamond

Perfect Diamond is typically used in slatted barns, so all of grooves are angled to avoid interference with the slats.


One-Way refers to grooves in only one direction. They can run along the alley or across the alley.

Our Recommendations

For sand barns we recommend 1/2" Diamond Pattern Grooving, this provides the optimal traction in combination with a sand bed. For other bedding types, we recommend 3/4" Diamond Pattern Grooving, as the increased width gives enough space for scraping systems to clean out easier, preventing the grooves from being clogged with a larger style bedding.

Herringbone Pattern Cutting

About this Service:

For herringbone pattern cutting, we use our diamond-blade grooving machines to cut grooves in the concrete either 12" or 34" wide in a "herringbone" design. This is when groups of 4-6 cuts intersect in a diagonal pattern, but to not overlap each other. This service is commonly used for traction on boat ramps and other angled concrete surfaces.